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Company Name KOYOH Co.,LTD.
Date of establishment April 1, 1960
Representative Daiki Koga
Location 169 Sakata Setaka-machi Miyama-city Fukuoka 835-0006 JAPAN
Phone number (+81) 0944-63-3133
Fax number (+81)0944-63-6211
Construction section BioGarden(GaiaHealingDesign BioGarden)
Work contents Exterior Garden design construction
Location 134-3 Nagahama Chikugo-shi Fukuoka JAPAN
Phone number (+81) 0944-53-3134
Fax number (+81) 0944-53-3195

Message from KOYOH Co.,LTD.


As a result of many years of research, ECOBIO-BLOCK(EBB) has successfully infused “fermented soybean” Bacillus (a useful microbe) for water purification into a cement paste in March 2000. Due to this, it is possible to transform the use of concrete, which is considered harmful to the environment, into a product for environment cleanup and restoration such as in many public utility works.

This has been praised as a worldwide breakthrough and applications are currently being developed, not only in Japan, but also in many other countries. We will continue to improve this technology by combining it with the technologies of other countries, leading to a more advanced New ECOBIO-BLOCK.