• Garden ponds, ponds, lakes,
    marshes, water tanks use

    EBB nsM
    Weight : average770g(1.7 lb)
    Size : 60-90mm diameter
    (2.36"-3.59"dia)irregular shape

  • Water channels, lakes, marshes,
    etc. use

    EBB wave
    Weight : 8.5 kg (18.4 lb)
    Size : 390 x 190 x 90mm
    (15.35" x 7.48 " x 3.543")

  • Ponds, lakes, marshes,
    water tanks use

    EBB oct
    Weight : 850g(1.9 lb)
    Size : 90 x 90 x 80mm

  • Large aquarium,garden pond use

    EBB aqua
    Weight : 400g(14 oz)
    Weight including package:
    450g(15.9 oz)
    Size : 90 x 90 x 80mm
    Box Size : 95 x 95 x 90mm

  • Various uses

    EBB pebbles(inquire about shape
    design variation) 5-10mm
    diameter (0.2"-0.4"dia)

  • Special order products
    Ask for details

  • System to activate EBB bacteria

    MFA energy efficient, maintenance
    free aerator
    Weight : 5.5kg (12.125 lb)
    Under development
    343 x 250 x 525mm
    (13.5" x 9.843" x 20.67")
Please use GaiaHealingDesign BioGarden (bio-garden) for the product purchase.
Please estimate and inquire the business sales in mail.

【Characteristics of all EBB products】

EBB is a concrete block with sealed effective bacteria which clarifies and improves water quality.
EBB is a bioremediation product that contains effective bacteria in a dormant condition until immersed in water. Bacteria then begin to multiply and cleanse water by consuming organic matter.

<Necessary conditions>

  • Effective bacteria multiply at temperatures above 10℃ (50°F). Dormant condition below 10℃.
  • Aerobic bacteria, needs oxygen in water. If fish are swimming, oxygen is sufficient.
  • UV light cannot be used with EBB, as it will destroy the bacteria.
  • ※ There is no change in effectiveness if blocks are damaged or broken.

    【Note for aquarium use】

  • Rinse well before placing in tank (you can rinse with tap water).
  • Tests have shown that fish are not harmed by Eco-Bio Ring, but in the case of anyabnormalities,   please remove Eco-Bio Ring product and stop using it.
  • If the tank is smaller than 30 liters (8 gal), use Eco-Bio Ring or Mizumonogatari.
  • It should take about 14 days for the bacteria to multiply enough to be effective.
  • In cases where the fish is sick or infected with parasites, the water may get some white cloudiness.   This is due to the fish's body liquid, which serves to protect the fish. This kind of cloudy water   will not clear unless the fish causing it is removed. Eco-Bio Ring will not treat fish illnesses.
  • 【Note for garden ponds, ponds, lakes, marshes, and water tank use】

  • EBB aqua, Eco-Bio Ring, Mizumonogatari and EBB pebbles are products that have been developed   exclusively for use in aquariums. They have neutral alkalinity. Do not use products in aquariums   that have been developed for ponds, lakes, marshes and water tanks as they have higher   alkalinity.
  • Rinse with water before use in garden ponds. If you have expensive koi etc., we recommend the   use of the aquarium products. If you want to use the pond type, please be certain to rinse and soak   the product in water overnight in a separate container.
  • In case koi have disease or are infected by parasites, the water might get some white cloudiness.   This is due to the fish's body liquid, which serves to protect the fish. This kind of cloudy water will   not clear unless the fish causing it is removed. EBB will not treat fish illnesses.
  • 【How to calculate the number of EBB needed in ponds】

    The method of accurately calculating the amount of EBB needed in ponds was established by the Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences at Kyushu University, but it is complicated.
    <Following is a simplified method of calculation>
    ⇒ If the water quality is not very dirty and there are not many fish in the pond.
    Suggested quantity is: 3 EBB / 1 ton water (264 gal)
    Example:8 ton water (2113.4 gal) pond -8x3=24 EBB

    <If the water quality is bad and there are many fish in the pond Suggested quantity is>
    ⇒10 EBB pond use/1 ton water (264 gal)
    Therefore quantity of EBB will vary depending on the number of fish and the quality of the water in the pond, averaging 3 - 10 EBB / 1 ton (264 gal) water. Estimate the quantity of EBB pond use

    necessary and then add product as needed. (Bacteria need some time to build up, depending on conditions and temperature, it may take 2 to 6 weeks for optimum effectiveness.)

    【How to use EBB effectively】

  • EBB will not be effective if buried under mud, due to lack of oxygen. Please place EBB where it   will not be buried.
  • Because EBB is an aerobic bacteria, it will be more effective in places with oxygen (such as   waterfalls etc.) or with added oxygen (such as aerators or fountains). If fish are present,    there is sufficient oxygen for EBB bacteria. Sometimes, there is enough oxygen at the surface   of water, but not at the bottom of a pond. If you cannot measure the dissolved oxygen level at   the bottom of the pond, please place EBB near the surface.
  • Sometimes, after about 2 years, water plants will start growing on the surface of EBB. This is   not a bad situation. Plants will help EBB cleanse the water.
  • EBB will continue to be effective unless there is a severe change in water conditions and the   bacteria are not able to catch up. Also, the natural balance can be upset by the addition of foreign   matter such as chemical disinfectants, or sterilizers or the addition of sick fish or parasites, which   can disrupt the clarifying mechanism.

    ※Biological treatment (bioremediation method) is an excellent water clarification method, but there are still some unknown points, and some questions are still difficult to answer. We will continue to study and improve EBB. For the present time, we know that it is safe, good for the environment and for marine life. Please enjoy your EBB product now and in the future.


    ※Product specifications may change without prior notice.
    ※Product colors in brochure may differ from actual product due to
     variances in the printing process.