The Gaia theory is that the earth is a single organism based on the 3 pillars of soil, air and water. Water, particularly, is the essence of life and covers 70% of the surface of the earth. Human beings have been polluting the environment and it will require the cooperation of many people to realize the importance of revitalizing the earth. Left to nature, water can purify itself with the help of beneficial bacteria. EcoBio-Block supports this natural course of events. This simple technology, which uses the natural mechanisms of water clarification, can positively impact water quality from home aquariums to major public municipal revitalization projects.

The Safety of EcoBio-Blocks

EcoBio-Block has been proved safe in India, Canada, China, Malaysia etc.

  • Safety certified by Malaysian SIRIM
    according to international standards
    test results.

  • Testing Institution 
    SIRIM (Malaysian National Research and Testing Center)

  • Testing standard 
    British standard 6920 and 2.5 Test by international standards in 2000

  • Testing method  Verification by applying EBB solution directly into mammalian cells

By immersing EcoBio-Block in water, effective bacteria multiply, removing odors and clarifying the water.
■Main Function:1. decompose organic matter 2. remove odors by degrading ammonia
Usage:Clarification of 1. ponds, marshes, lakes 2. water channels 3. fish farm 4. large fish tanks 5. garden ponds 6. private aquariums 7. ocean
●Decomposition of organic matter and removal of odor from rivers, lakes, marsh, water channels, ponds etc.
●Removal of odor and removal of colon bacillius from animal cages and barns.
●Odor removal and sanitary control at household waste collection sites.
●Odor removal and sanitary control at runoff drains near houses.

EcoBio-Block is referred to as EBB in this catalog.